GardeningWitch Designs

I love making things. For some time now, I have been making project bags and stitch markers. There’s only so many projects bags that one person can use (actually, it’s quite a lot, but that’s another story …) or give away as gifts. I’ve been toying with the idea of selling them for some time. Maybe at a craft fair? Maybe online? Then along came Festiwool, and I decided to take the plunge…

And so, GardeningWitch Designs was born. I plan to make project bags, shawl pins, stitch markers and craft-related cards and labels. My good friend, Chris, is a talented potter and has made me some stunning ceramic yarn bowls in the past, which he has also sold in local yarn stores and at ceramics fairs. He has made a lovely batch of new yarn bowls for me to sell at Festiwool. More on those another time, but do take a look at Chris Greening Pottery  to see some examples of his work. Thanks, Chris!


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